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Up & Coming Fighter: Nikki Storm

Posted by Mark Figula on November 22, 2010 at 1:12 AM

By Mark Figula, The Mouth of MMA Senior Editor

Continuing our Up & Coming Fighter series, we take a look at one of our own contributing bloggers, Nikki Storm.  Nikki has made her mark in grappling competition and has now opened Northern Virginia's first US Elite Training Bootcamp, called Storm Troopers.  We're sure Nikki's legion of troopers will be much happier than the Darth Vader variety.  They will certainly be in fantastic shape!


Mark Figula for What got you started doing BJJ?


Nikki Storm: My brother grew up fighting and was a two time national champion and also on the Puerto Rico's Olympic Tae Kwon Doe team. I always had a love and appreciation for fighting so I decided to train.


Mark Figula: How do girls and guys react when they find out you're a competitive fighter?


Nikki Storm: Most people think its cool and most other people think i'm crazy!


Mark Figula: You trained at Lloyd Irvin's camp for awhile. What can you tell us of that experience?


Nikki Storm: The experience taught me mainly hard work. The actual training under Lloyd Irvin and my wrestling coaches Jim Kelly and Mike Denny was phenomenal. Training alongside Mike Folwer and JT Torres was an experience of a life time. I'm grateful for the time I spent there and for the friends I made.


Mark Figula: Do you have trouble finding good female training partners?


Nikki Storm: I used to but, at the time I trained in Camp Springs there were several girls there my weight that trained to compete. I was super lucky to have them. Typically it is difficult to find serious female training partners, though.


Mark Figula:  Do you have any good competition stories to tell?

"Anyone can win but not everyone knows what to do with a loss."


Nikki Storm: My best stories are my worst losses because I remember them the most and learned from them. Anyone can win but not everyone knows what to do with a loss, except to be upset with it. One I'll never forget was at a Copa Nova event and I competed advanced No Gi. I remember I was going for one of her legs trying to get a single and she stood up right in front of me but something made me hesitate. In that one moment of hesitation, I saw my chance at the takedown come and go. She ended up getting me in an arm bar and won. I will never hesitate that way again. I see a leg. It belongs to me.


Mark Figula: What's your favorite submission to get?


Nikki Storm: My favorite submission would be a transition from armbar to triangle. But I'd rather rack up on points taking a girl down. I'm always interested in breaking my opponent's spirit.


Mark Figula: Who are your favorite MMA fighters?


Nikki Storm: Shogun, Cro-Cop, Tito and Chris Leban, GSP, Diego Sanchez


Mark Figula: Make the match... You get a superpower version of Joe Silva's job for a day and can make any MMA fight happen. Who would it be?


Nikki Storm: Anderson Silva and GSP


Mark Figula: You've been posting some great, inspirational stuff for awhile now. What got you started putting all your positive thoughts into online words?

"Even the worst fighter in the world has something special

inside them that no one else has or understands."


Nikki Storm: I'm fascinated by the mind and spirit of a champion. Even the worst fighter in the world has something special inside them that no one else has or understands. I'm also passionate about the journey of a champion and wanted to share my experience in hopes that it will inspire others to keep focused and determined to reach their goals.


Mark Figula: What are your ultimate goals as a competitive fighter?


Nikki Storm: I'm moving to Dallas at the end of December to help my brother run a strength and conditioning facility called US Elite Training. He created a new method of training athletes called the "Claudio Method" and its especially effective for training in MMA and BJJ. While there, I will get in the best shape of my life, train hard, train others and fight in MMA. I'm also going back to school to get my degree in Sports Psychology.


Mark "The Ezequiel" Figula is the biggest wuss to ever enter a cage... the most spindly chickenass dude to ever tap out at NAGA... the boy who was told that the pen is mightier than the sword... and thus he writes. Check out his home page of scribblings at


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Reply Mark Figula
11:51 AM on November 22, 2010 
Thanks Bill. Got one with JT Torres - the fighter she mentions in here - coming up this week too. The kid's a phenom. Have you checked out Nikki's inspirational posts? She'll keep your head in the right place.

Bill Griffiths says...
Nice write up!
Reply Bill Griffiths
11:11 AM on November 22, 2010 
Nice write up!