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The Road To The Mundial

Posted by SteveFicca on April 24, 2011 at 7:59 PM

By Steve Ficca, The Mouth Of MMA Editor

My number one goal for 2011 is to compete in (and win!) the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Championship.  With the month of April winding down to a close, I find myself just six weeks away from the biggest tournament of the year.  These next 6 weeks for me will be the hardest, most focused weeks of training I have put myself through to date.  Drilling, rolling, dieting, and hopefully sleep will become my main priorities as I look to refine my techniques to championship level. Here I will break down areas I need to focus on in order to reach my goals.




Over the past year and a half, my training has been all over the place... literally.  Upon moving back to New Jersey I've found myself in 6 different schools attempting to recreate the perfect fit that I had with my team in Las Vegas.  Bouncing around from place to place and depriving myself of one consistent instructor and group of training partners has in some ways inhibited my growth as a grappler.  Over the next 6 weeks I will be training with the school I've decided to be the best place for me to develop into the champion I want to be.



Diet has always been an important part of training for me.  Before Jiu Jitsu, my main focus was lifting for strength.  The more food the better, that was my philosophy.  Food meant strength.  I've always carried this over into my bjj training as well, until just recently where I've began to notice that a healthier, more rounded diet significantly improves my performance.  I've dropped 10 pounds in the past few weeks, which means that I'll now be dropping down a weight class.




when training for competition I like to keep the experimentation to a minimum.  Typically in training I love trying out new moves and learning new tricks, but I feel that when training for competition I need to employ a different mindset.  At 6 weeks away I find it most important to focus on my moveset and tighten it up to the point where there are no mistakes in any of my go-to moves, and that I can hit them without thinking once a scramble calls for me to fly on auto pilot.




This is a big one.  Training makes me tired and I train A LOT.  When I train I leave everything on the mat, and adding the amount of necessary cardio to my routine is never an easy thing.  In fact, its the only part of the whole sport that actually feels like work to me!  Be that as it may, following the proper cardio program is imperative to my success.


Inner Strength


Belief in myself is what keeps me going.  Without self confidence, nobody would ever accomplish anything worth working for. The most difficult part of the spirit's journey is to find strength within one's self to continue on when all seems hopeless.  I believe in myself, I believe in my coaches, and I believe in a higher power to carry me to a place where I can excel.  Once all things are set in place and the horse has been led to water, the rest is on me and me alone to dig deepwithin and find that inner drive to persevere.




Yea.... that ones not gonna happen


Beyond the aforementioned points, I'm going to need to pay specific attention to detail and improve some glaring holes

(that won't be mentioned in this post.)  My strengths, weaknesses, and abilities will all have to come into play when I

revise my strategies and select the perfect gameplan.


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1 Comment

Reply Bill Griffiths
9:27 PM on April 24, 2011 
Nice post Steve. As far as cardio goes (and being a cardio warrior myself lol) I would say if you're exhausted after training then you may not have to do cardio as much. I mean Urijah Faber does no real cardio except for MMA training same with strength training. You don't want to over train and burn out. If you're eating properly and still feel beat after intense training sessions then maybe you just wore yourself down. Re-hydrate and recoup probably best thing you can do.