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Water On The Rocks

Posted by SteveFicca on May 5, 2011 at 5:56 PM

By Steve Ficca, The Mouth Of MMA Editor

     It just so happens that when I'm not training, I sometimes have the urge to go out and have fun.  On that rare occasion, that very urge sometimes lands me in a bar.  While all my friends are out getting their drink on, going wild, and ending the night with a ton of junk food... I drink water.  


     That's right... water.  There, I said it!  As hard as it is to resist the temptations of going out and throwing a few back, I abstain.  In some circles I've come to be known as the water guy, the perpetual designated driver.  In fact, some of my friends actually have a misconception that I'm against alcohol.  When I want nothing more than a cold beer, I opt for water.  When nothing sounds better than a cheeseburger with fries, it's a grilled chicken breast on whole wheat bread.  Am I crazy?!  Probably.


     Over the years, I've taken great pride in my will power.  This is not an easy thing, but it has it's benefits.  How I maintain my self control? I'm always thinking to the next competition. Day in and day out I put overwhelming effort into my training and nutrition, and I know that just a couple of drinks will severely interfere with that.  Just a few drinks on a Saturday night and I'll feel myself lagging on the mat well into the next week.  Training on low energy for days just doesn't seem worth the buzz. Jiu Jitsu is hard enough without compromising my strength and conditioning, and being the only guy without a drink is still a much better feeling than being the guy who got tapped out.


     Some people respect my choice while others continue to give funny looks or make jokes.  It still amazes me how being sober at a bar has the incredible power to pull eyes out of heads, but I can't help but laugh as jaws hit the floor.  I find myself having to remind people that it's possible to go out, stay sober, AND have fun... despite the peer pressure.  


     In the end, I have to ask myself this question: "Do I want to drink?  Or do I want to win?"  And while I want to drink, I really really want to win!  ...and then I want to drink!

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Reply Bill Griffiths
10:47 AM on May 8, 2011 
So no stops at the diner?
Reply John
9:39 PM on May 5, 2011 
Great insights Steve! I liked, "Over the years, I've taken great pride in my will power." That was funny! Think about the loads of $$$ you're saving.... A LOT!!!! peace
Reply Eric
8:18 PM on May 5, 2011 

Awesome blog man! Really amazed at your will power, very inspiring. Its always tough to not join the guys when they eat seriously crappy food following a great night, but I'm glad you're doing it man that's awesome- I'm gonna to get on that.