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Working Smart

Posted by SteveFicca on July 1, 2011 at 11:14 AM

By Steve Ficca, The Mouth Of MMA Editor

     Last night in class my instructor brought up an important lesson. Maybe the most important lesson out there, it seems to have been shunned by a majority of the modern martial arts community. Once considered your worst nightmare, this one word puts dread in the heart of kids worldwide. We're adults now though (in some sense of the word), and our course of study is one we've chosen out of love. Without further adue, that one word is HOMEWORK!

     A school is a place for education. An instructor is there to instruct. A class is a class and curriculum is curriculum. Then why don't the students study? My subject is Jiu Jitsu. Traditionally in a school setting textbooks, notebooks, and writing implements make up your props. With this being said, few and far between have I seen notebooks on the mat. Jiu Jitsu is a complicated, step by step art which takes years to develop and can never be truly mastered. Constantly evolving and changing to suit body types, skill levels, athletic abilities and so forth, details become the key to success. In a sport where the simplest seeming move can be the sum of dozens of parts and variables, detail becomes key. The only way to truly take in, absorb, and process the information received in a way that it becomes second nature is repetition. Physically going over a position is one thing, but writing, reading, and mentally going over it becomes so much more. The understanding one gains by taking home and studying the curriculum taught in class broadens as its looked at from a cerebral perspective and after just small amount of mental drilling, the "why" becomes just as evident as the "how" when executing techniques.

     Breaking down and studying techniques and movements has always been an important part of my game, and I feel that the amount of physical repetition I need in order to execute a technique is drastically cut down when I study it through visualization. I highly recommend this approach for anyone involved in this sport, regardless of skill level, as it has opened my mind to a new level of understanding.

Below I have provided a brief example of my training blog from last night...

Position 1 - takedown from dog fight position (aka roller sweep)


1. Start from half guard

2. Climb up to elbow

3. Open guard, throw far leg over to keep leg trapped

4. Come up to knees, slide close leg out

5. Drive into opponent, holding his hip

6. Pull out far knee if necessary, look to step past the half guard while taking down

7. Secure side control



Laimon crucifix stack not working... consider machida pass from initial stack

Half guard working well, Vaca sweep to Mackenzei set up proving reliable

De la riva needs work

More pressure to pass De La Riva

Rusty with Sim attack from turtle, but seeing some success (2-4 times)


And there you have it everyone. Just a small portion of what my post training sessions look like. I'm looking forward to posting more on and I offer anyone else who'd like to do the same to contact me about setting a blog of their own.

Peace, love, and Marce chokes

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