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BJJ Training Journal - 7/12

Posted by SteveFicca on July 12, 2011 at 11:30 PM

By Steve Ficca, The Mouth Of MMA Editor

Training Journal - July 12, 2011


Defending from front head lock/ sprawl

1. push the head away

2. hook hands inside arm pits

3. point hip down, then away to break free from grip

4. spin for back or attack neck

North/South Choke


Half guard pass (arm in)

1. leg on right shoulder, right hand grabs belt.  left hand grabs knee

2. stay on toes, push forward into lay across pass position

3.  kick trapped leg back while still controlling leg on shoulder... or bring heel to butt if stuck

Half guard pass (arm in) - to Dope Mount

1.  attempt pass # 1

2.  partner starts pushing away, switch right hand grip to far lapel (palm up)

3.  pass the other way

4.  pin knee down between legs (dope mount set up)  drive left knee up high to make space, take nearside underhook

5.  step over with left knee, replace it with right

6. walk right knee up, left hand underhooks, go to mount


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