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The What of What?!

So, yes there are now a million and two MMA news+ sites on the Interweb thingy, but what makes The Mouth of MMA a worthwhile place to visit?  Well, for one, this site is operated and maintained by fighters (both MMA and BJJ) and, thus, gives you a unique "insiders" perspective on the goings-on around the world of MMA.   It's our opinion that it is always more fun to watch a sport when you understand its nuances and, thus, our aim is to educate and enlighten while we entertain.

There's that and... The Mouth! Everyone has an opinion and some of those opinions might even give you a chuckle or two.  That's all The Mouth! is about.  It's always good to mix your beatings with some laughter, right?

The People

Mark Figula: Senior Editor

  • Mark is full time freelance writer, part time BJJ competitor.  Mark travels the country, studying at various schools (and writing about them) and otherwise sticking his neck out so strangers may attempt to guillotine it.  His love for the pesky gi choke has earned him the nickname "zeke" after the [over]use of the ezequiel choke.

Steve Ficca: Editor

  • When Steve is not busy winning one grappling championship after another, he fills his time covering everything MMA. Steve travels to Vegas and New Mexico to train with the world's top teams and camps out at Marcelo Garcia's in NYC when he's home.  Keep an eye out for Steve's fight videos here at The Mouth of MMA.

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