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Exclusive Interview: Conner Cordova - We Should Have Stones So Big!

Posted by Mark Figula on October 15, 2010 at 2:11 PM

By Mark Figula, The Mouth of MMA Senior Editor

On August 28th, 1963, Martin Luther King declared, "I have a dream!"  It was a seminal moment in American history, changing the fate of minorities for every generation to follow.  Forty six years later, a skinny not-so-in-the-minority high school kid had a dream too.  Certainly it won't make Time Magazine's Moments in History, but it may be a seminal moment for ambitious high school boys for generations to come...

For those of you who don't know him, Conner Cordova is an MMA journalist and founder of  His viral video campaign to get UFC ring card girl, Arianny Celeste to go to prom with him was about the ballsiest move any high school kid has made since... well since, ever!  Conner showed her his best dance moves, he wooed her on You Tube, and he got all his big-wig MMA interviewees to put in a good word for him during their video interviews.  The end result?  Well, you see the feature story picture above, don't you?  A media blitz soon followed with appearances on shows like Lopez Tonight.  Conner is, however, more than just a man with a dream.  He's the World Mixed Martial Arts Awards 2010 MMA Journalist of the Year.

Mark Figula for Once upon a time, there was a high school dude who dreamed of taking the hottest UFC ring card girl to prom. Okay, there was a million of those dudes, but you actually had the stones to make it happen. How did you get the crazy idea to go for it?


Conner Cordova: It was actually just going to be a funny piece for, but like you said, it was so relatable. Who wouldn't want to go to prom with a Maxim cover model?  I just had the shamelessness to actually ask.


Mark Figula: Are the everyday girls that you meet intimidated now since they have to follow in Arianny's footsteps?


Conner Cordova: I don't mean to sound like a totally pompous a-hole, but yeah! It's crazy, whenever I'm out with a girl, half of the time after I give them a complement, they say something about that they are not as hot as Arianny! Crazy, crazy.


Mark Figula: Did your MMA journalism career launch as a result of the prom thing or did it just go along with the idea to cover MMA?


Conner Cordova: I definitely think it boosted my career, but I was covering MMA before.  I still am, so the prom just started off as a piece, but when she said yes... all bets were off. I just became the luckiest dude in the history of high school ever.


Mark Figula: You've been to meet and sometimes train with more top UFC fighters than just about anyone out there. Who was the most surprisingly crazy fun and who was the most 100% all fight business?


Conner Cordova: On the totally crazy end, Miguel Torres. We had quite a few adventures around the cities of Montreal and Denver. On the other end, I would have to say Cain Velasquez... really nice guy, but you can tell, when he is there it train, he's there to train.


Mark Figula: Fireside chat... Tell us one insane story from your MMA book of experiences.


Conner Cordova: Well..... In short, I was in Montreal for UFC 114 and I was in Shogun's room with him, his crew, and some groupies after he won the title. We're all celebrating, but then someone starts yelling and banging on the door. This dude was yelling something like "Ashley! Ashley, I know you're in there! Don't make me bust this door down"! Ninja opened the door, and the guy just went white as a ghost. He looked around and asked really quietly, "Is... um... Ashley here?”   Sure enough, two girls who had ended up sneaking in, got up and left.  That guy just said, "thank you" and left.  Then we had to stop like five of the Brazilians from killing him in the hall :)


Mark Figula: It's been a meteoric rise for you... You even showed up on the George Lopez show! Now you have honors for best MMA journalist of the year. What are you short and long term goals with all this?


Conner Cordova: In the short term, I want to visit Team Quest, The Lab, and Arizona combat sports in the next year. Long term, I would like to be the host of an MMA/Sport comedy show on a major network.


Mark Figula: I'm sure it's hard to pick just one with so many great fighters out there, but do you have a current favorite?


Conner Cordova: Chuck Liddell, always has and always will be.


Mark Figula: Is there a Conner bobble-head in the works?


Conner Cordova: Yes, but we are having some trouble in the design phase.  Keeping the glasses and the fedora staying on at the same time is proving quite challenging.  Don't even get me stated on the rosary!


Mark Figula: What advice can you give to other young aspiring MMA journalists (or guys who want to have their dream girl come to prom with them)?


Conner Cordova: Put yourself out there, its going to be stressful and nerve wracking at points, but when you the fruits of all your hard work pay off, it's all worth it and more.








Spoken like a man who had a dream and lived to see it come true..


Mark "The Ezequiel" Figula is the biggest wuss to ever enter a cage... the most spindly chickenass dude to ever tap out at NAGA... the boy who was told that the pen is mightier than the sword... and thus he writes. Check out his home page of scribblings at


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