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Journey of a Champion

Posted by Nikki Storm on November 14, 2010 at 10:41 AM

What you train for or what you live for isn't the end all be all. The initial idea, plan and outcome is necessary but should not be the main focus of a champion. It's the journey. The process and means by which you obtain the title of a champion. Medals, promotions and trophies are acknowledgments of the champion you already are inside and is proof to others what you already know exists within you. No one knows it yet, but I AM A CHAMPION. This is my journey.




I realize the importance of SMALL goals. If a random person asked u to do something the first thing u would do in response is question it. Why does this person want me to do this and what is his/her motive behind it? Depending on what the task is they ask of u, u may wonder will it work? Is it worth my time? Will i succeed in the task? If this person was someone u trusted on the other hand, someone like a father figure or a coach or a teacher...u may jump to do it! Knowing that without a doubt this person has ur best interest at heart and anything that they ask u to do is not only safe but will HELP u. Why? Because throughout time, this person in SMALL ways has earned ur trust and respect. This is a person u have faith in and someone u can count on. So the question u feel that way about YOURSELF. If yes...then why? Because throughout ur life u have already proven to urself that u can accomplish big things by the little things u have already done. On the other hand, if u constantly set out to do big things and u don't already have a foundation set with ur own self, u will fail at the task before u even have a chance to really attempt at it. Baby steps. If a baby tries to run before he/she crawls, he/she will fall, cry and eventually give up. So one of my goals is to write a blog. I have made several attempts at accomplishing BIG goals and in a lot of ways i have failed because i didn't trust myself enough to push forward. Recently my brother came up with a new method of training for every athlete. Its called "The Claudio Method." As a result, he has been successful in opening his first facility in Chattanooga, TN. My brother and i share similar life and career goals. Together we plan to help ourselves and others reach their highest potential as athletes and as PEOPLE. So in order to pursue this goal, I decided to quit my job and move to Dallas, TX where we will be opening a second facility this winter. Quitting my job and moving to TX to pursue a life dream is a HUGE before i move.... i will begin working on a smaller one.


Nikki's Goals:

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Reply SteveFicca
2:46 PM on November 14, 2010 
Very nice Nikki Storm!