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UFC 124 Recap - The Mouth! Style

Posted by Mark Figula on December 12, 2010 at 12:53 AM
By "The Mouth," Rogue MMA Commentator 

I know three things about Montreal:
  1. They have the highest hottie per capita rate of any city.
  2. Their cab drivers will actually tell you your destination is only a block away instead of taking your dumb American ass around the city on a scenic tour and running up a triple digit tab.
  3. Their citizens will show up in droves to see a bully beat down!
The fans got what they came for tonight.  More on that later, though... Here's my take on what we saw a few short hours ago:
  • Don't be a fool, stay in school!  Mac Danzig KOs Joe Stephenson with a counterstrike he'd been "studying" how to do correctly since his last fight.  You get an A, Mac.  The fight was too short to really get a feel for one guy outclassing another, but Mac certainly has raised his stock in the, now packed division.
  • Thiago Alves on the proper diet is scary.  This Thiago we saw tonight was the guy I was afraid might take out GSP when they fought.  His striking was crisp and technical and he laid so many brutal leg kicks into John Howard, I am pretty sure  that John will be hopping to the bathroom when he gets out of bed for the next few weeks.  To his credit, Howard made it to the decision.  He'll probably regret that tomorrow.
  • Jersey boy, Jim Miller had nasty knee bar to go with that hat.  Charles Oliveira looked game, but at 21 he still has some seasoning to add to that skinny Brazilian frame.  He'll be back for certain.  Until then... Jersey, bitches!  
  • As Stefan Struve entered the ring for his bout against the trash talking Sean McCorkle, he let out a ferocious roar... Or was that a billy goat?  How does a 6'11" tall guy have the most tenor/alto scream you ever heard?  No matter.  He showed off some scary "jits" in what amounted to a one round BJJ match, using a simple hip bump sweep from a kimura attempt to gain mount and pound out his opponent.  Who knew two guys with a combined reach of 13'8" would go back and forth with kimura attempts until one won?
  • In a bout that we DID expect to go all Twisty Pretzel, Mark Bocek jumped into a triangle from mount and rolled it into his guard, tapping out the well schooled grappler, Dustin Hazelett.  Afterward, Bocek declared himself the best grappler in the division.  Somehow, with such a friendly mug, it didn't seem cocky when he did.
  • And now, it's time... For the...  You get the idea.  After MUCH hype, UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre stepped in the ring for the second time with TUF "villain" Josh Koscheck.  The people in and around the UFC kept telling us that Josh was just acting the part to promote the fight and he must have done one heck of a job of it, judging by the most animated crowd the UFC has likely seen to date.  The story of the fight can be summed up as follows: Jab meet MMA, MMA meet Jab.  GSP proved once again that you can't train for the GSP you saw in the last fight.  He brings something new to each fight and at UFC 124 it was a jab that hearkens back to the day of the great heavyweight champ, Larry Holmes.  We've never seen anything like it in MMA and it's probably got all those old school boxing nut huggers cheering, "I told you so!"  St. Pierre rode that jab all throughout the five round fight, busting up Koscheck's right eye to the point where Josh couldn't see out of it by the third.  To Koscheck's credit, he argued with the doctor after round three to stay in the fight.  His reward for doing so was more of the same.  Although GSP couldn't finish Koscheck, he certainly kept the damage up.  It was a bully beat down.
Montreal got their win tonight.  Fans of the "nice guy" got their win tonight.  The UFC got their win tonight by having another good show.  Where does GSP go from here?  I don't know but, you have to love a place that has the word "pousse" on every public door!


"The Mouth" is just a dude with an opinion and "The Web" is just a place where he thinks anyone actually wants to hear it.


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Reply Alireza Fadaie
11:29 PM on December 14, 2010 
Man I love this picture! I can't say how happy I am that my boy George shot that cocky guy up.
We had a chance to see how good George is on his feet as well. I don't see anybody to beat George at the moment.
Reply Mark Figula
6:20 PM on December 12, 2010 
I have to agree with both you guys about backing up the trash talk. One thing I loved about the card this weekend was that I got to see all aspects of the game instead of just a bunch of kickboxing matches. It was a good night for me.
Reply Albert Bell
5:39 PM on December 12, 2010 
I have to agree with Bill... Live by the trash talk, die by it. Don't peter out after the fight and say you were doing the WWE dance. If you want to play the bad guy, play it all the way through! Win or lose. It's a career choice.
Reply Bill Griffiths
11:32 AM on December 12, 2010 
Nice write up! First there was a decent display on the card of exactly why you need BJJ in MMA (Oliveira & Miller, Bocek & Hazlett). Oliveira really was impressive even though he lost especially considering he is a purple going up against a black belt! (And it kind of showed at the end). Bocek and Hazlett was a great ground game to say the least.

As far Thiago goes, he made weight and looked quick. But I wonder if he sacrificed any power in his new diet? Sure Howard is a gamer and can take a punch, but how many times have we seen Thiago put people away in that type of situation?

I am going to combine my opinion of Struve vs. McCorkle and GSP v.s Koscheck. Why? Because I am tired of hearing trash talking for months from fighters only to be told it was "to hype the fight" after wards and watch all of the love fests at the end of a fight. In both cases there was a proven fighter (Sturve and GSP) going up against a fighter of lesser standing (McCorkle & Kos). I know Kos is a little more accomplished than McCorkle, but in his last fight with GSP he was dominated and the same proved true here. But the point is in order to "sell the fight" why do we have to listen to "fake" trash talking? I mean Kos refuses to touch gloves at the start, bad mouths Canada, accuses GSP of steroids & being "fake," then comes out after wards and basically states that he had to play the heel to sell the fight because no one will watch it otherwise? I don't know about everyone else but I get tired of this!

Some fighters have a "nasty" streak or some other intangible that makes them be a heel or at least talk smack and mean it. Liddell talked smack about fighters like Tito, Babalu, Franklin, and Couture sometimes he was "mean" other times it was just a fighter stating what he was going to do. The Diaz brothers talk smack and continue it before, during, and after the fight, it may be part hype but it is also real. Couture never talked trash, nor does GSP, and yet they remain high in ratings. Finally before the last Penn vs. Hughes there was no disrespect or "trash talking" and the hype was high.

It seems that for the most part whenever a fight is truly one sided the trash talking increases. Every fight fan who followed these two main events pretty much knew it was a one sided affair. And for the most part both lived up to that. Yet because of the trash talk leading up we were led to believe (at least if you fell for it) that both fights were going to be instant classics. Neither was. Nor, unless you were rooting for Struve or GSP to beat up the "bad guy," were they very entertaining.