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Nick Diaz May Be Able To Kick Your Ass, But...

Posted by The Mouth! on September 7, 2011 at 7:10 PM

By "The Mouth," Rogue MMA Commentator

This just in... Nick Diaz can probably kick your ass, but if you ask him to speak at your kid's grammar school graduation, he will run screaming.

After multiple missed press junkets, Nick Diaz has been pulled from his October 29, UFC 137 showdown with the champ, George St. Pierre.  Now, before you all go saying that he is running scared from GSP, you should note that Nick Diaz has always been a problem when it comes time to do the press tour.   The UFC's president Dana White knew this and had serious reservations about Nick's ability to show up.

“I’ve had my reservations with Nick Diaz for some time now.

We haven’t heard from him. He hasn’t returned my calls.”

Things went so far as to have Nick's trainer and mentor, Cesar Gracie keeping a watchful eye on the challenger.  Nick was being kept in Cesar's house before this most recent missed press meeting, but  Nick showed he can slip watchful eyes as well as he slips jabs in the cage when he snuck out a back entrance.

Nick's blustery attitude and "antics" harken back to another champ we all know, Mike Tyson.  Actions like that lead me to believe that the lanky welterweight faces some serious social phobias.  A general distaste for press meetings isn't enough to turn down what Dana White described in his further comments:

"When we brought him in to sign to fight Georges, I told him that all purses he’s ever made up won’t add up to as much as he would make in this fight. But I told him I needed him to do certain things. You have to promote the fight. You have to show up for pressers. You can’t start fights at fights."

Winners and losers in all this?

  • Winner: Carlos Condit who now gets the title shot against GSP.
  • Loser: BJ Penn who loses Condit as his opponent and has to now prepare for someone totally new.
  • Loser: The fans who lost the most compelling match-up for St. Pierre in quite some time.
  • Loser: Nick Diaz who probably has no career left in a one major MMA organization world.

So, does anyone have the number of Zack Greinke's therapist?  It might be Nick's only hope.


"The Mouth" is just a dude with an opinion and "The Web" is just a place where he thinks anyone actually wants to hear it.


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I've dealt with phobias. They are a bitch. They can definitely make you do stupid looking things that no one else can make sense of. If it is the case, I hope the guy gets help and saves his career. If it isn't... Well then he's just a giant pecker head.